At Kitmaker Entertainment S.A. and its webpages, games and other apps, we believe privacy is very important. This text defines the type of information identifiable as personal and data about you we can use in the various webpages, games and apps we offer (“Webpages/Apps”), in what we will process and in due case disclose the data to third persons. Your installing and use of Webpages/Apps, and/or the information you provide us with, constitutes your consent with this privacy policy. This privacy policy enters into force on 1 January 2008 and has been modified for the last time on 17 February 2014.

There are two types of information which may be registered with the use of Webpages/Apps:

  1. “Personal data” which consist of information which can be related to a specific user, such as full name, address and email address, phone number, picture, location, credit card information and, in some cases, username; and
  2. “Usage data” which consist of anonymous information registered by the use of the Webpages/Apps, linked to the computer and/or device used for this.

1.- How we register and process Personal data and Usage data:

 If you decided to open an account with us, we shall register your name, address and email address and/or phone number.

If you connect with one of our Webpages/Apps through a social network, such as Facebook or Game Center (on iOS devices), we shall gather personal information form your profile on this network, such as your name, username and photo.

If you decide to carry out a transaction through our Webpages/Apps, we shall register the data of your credit card or other payment information.

If you decide to use any public forum, comments section or chat apps, we shall compile all information disclosed by this medium.

If you  decide to send a message to a specific user or group of users through our messaging apps, chat, comments or others, we shall gather all the information you disclose therein, as well as the relevant personal information of the user(s) with whom you have been in contact, in order to facilitate communication (note: we shall not compile information sent which is not linked to our Webpages/Apps, including emails and text messages).

If you decide to enable notifications, ee shall register your Personal and Usage data, such as device ID, in order to send you these notifications.

If you decide to share your Personal data with us for any other reason and in any other way, we shall compile the personal information provided and use it for the purposes for which it has been provided.

We shall gather the following information when use your our Webpages/Apps: IP address of your computer, the unique ID of your mobile device or other linked identification elements, information on your location, the firmware software platform of your device, the type of browser used, the date and time on which you use our Webpages/Apps, the actions you undertake within them, your game progress, the duration of the game, your score and achievements, the URLs visited and/or apps you have used before or after the use of our Webpages/Apps.

We shall not gather any personal data if you only visit our webpage; we shall only register them if you decide to share them with us. You state and guarantee that all Personal data provided by you to use are real and correct and linked to you and no one else.

2.- Use of Personal data and Usage data which we gather

 We shall use your Personal and Usage data to provide you with a good, service or app which you have requested or answer the questions you have made. Likewise, we shall use this information to contact you ad promote our Webpages/Apps, competitions and special offers. If we send you publicity or marketing material, we provide you with the possibility of cancelling this possibility in the future. You can also cancel the receipt of these materials at any time, in accordance with the instructions specified in our privacy policy.

We shall use the Usage data for administrative, analysis and investigation, optimisation, security and other purposes. Specifically, we shall process your Usage data to learn about your game activities, personalise your game content, compile statistics, answer customer service questions, provide security, as well as improving your experience as a player. These data may also be useful to direct publicity to you which might be of interest to you. The information on your location shall be used to determine the jurisdiction in which you are resident and known the applicable law in your case. Your device ID is useful for sending you notifications (if you enable this option) and follow up on your use of our Webpages/Apps in order to better understand your preferences and trends, which will allow us to improve your experience and provide you with offers within the game and tailored notifications.

3.- Cookies

As per the above statements on Personal and Usage data, we add the use of cookies (small texts stored on your computer’s hard drive when you visit certain webpages which identify your computer and may store certain information on you) and other technological elements to learn about your preferences on our Webpages/Apps, in order to improve the latter and the services they provide. The management of Usage data and cookies described above shall not disclose your identity or Personal data.

4.- Disclosure of Personal data and Usage data which we gather

Kitmaker Entertainment S.A. is an international company with offices and locations in the entire world. We reserve the right to share your Personal and Usage data with other entities from our group; nevertheless, this information shall be governed by this privacy policy.

We shall not trade, loan or transfer your Personal data to third parties, unless this is stipulated in this text. We shall not store information of your credit card. Likewise, we shall have a secure server service to process transactions with it.

Associated service supplier parties have restricted access to your Personal data, which they only process for the agreed purposes, such as processing the credit card, granting a prize, marketing assistance, customer service and data analysis. The companies we shall hire for said procedures have access to your information for its use exclusively in the way requested. Likewise, we shall share your Usage data anonymously with these partners to perform administrative, analysis, investigation and optimisation processes.

We may disclose your Personal data or other gathered information if required by law or a judicial order, if said information is linked to a threatening or damaging action, in order to investigate and/or take legal steps against illegal, suspicious activity in terms of abuse and non-authorised use of the Webpages/Apps and in order to protect the property and security of third persons.

With regard to an entire sale of the company or commercial line (including derivative assets), user data are considered to be part of the transferred assets, which includes your Personal data, which shall be shared with or sold to the requesting party if this sale or commercial procedure is performed.

5.- Credit card transactions

If you decide to acquire a product from our Webpages/Apps, you state and guarantee that all information provided on your credit card is true and correct and that you are authorised to use this card. Under no circumstance shall you provide us with false or fraudulent information.

6.- Your rights

We ask you to maintain your Personal data provide to us up to date and that you correct any mistake by contacting us at

If you decide to cancel communication with us, or wish to review and/or delete the information stored on you, please contact us and state your request at . Nevertheless, we reserve the right of preserving the file with your Personal data for some time for administrative purposes and in order to make sure that the way in which this information is eliminated does not constitute damage to the integrity of our database, also conserving an anonymous version of said information.

If you wish to cancel notifications, select the properties tab of the Webpage/App in question and follow the pertinent instruction to remove it.

You have the right of locking the cookies of your browser, in which case we cannot guarantee that the Webpages/Apps shall operate correctly.

If you use the Webpages/Apps, it is your responsibility to maintain the privacy of your account and restrict access to your computer or device, also taking responsibility for all activities conducted on this account.

7.- External companies and sources

It is possible that our Webpages/Apps redirect to external pages, outside of our control. This privacy policy only addresses the way in which we process Personal and Usage data gathered by our Webpages/Apps. By entering external webpages, you accept their privacy policies. Please bear in mind that these may have a different policy on gathering, using and publishing Personal data. We do not exert control over them and are not responsible for your privacy with regard to third parties. Therefore, we recommend checking the privacy policy of all other Webpages/Apps. Without prejudice to the following section, we are not responsible for the actions, failure to act or policies of external Webpages/Apps.

8.- Minors

Aware that the Webpages/Apps may be visited and used by minors, we do not gather or use the personal information which we know is of minors of less than thirteen years of age, and thus we explicitly prohibit a user below that age to provide said Personal data. If you are a parent of a minor below the age of thirteen who may have provided Personal data to us, please contact us at so that we can delete this information from our system.

We may register the ID of a device or another ID element linked to that computer or device, used by a minor to play on our Webpages/Apps. The information gathered is stored anonymously, without disclosure of Personal data. Likewise, the data are exclusively used for internal purposes, such as content personalisation, security and publicity (random, not segmented by behaviour).

Some of our Webpages/Apps allow making transactions within a game, despite the fact that the game’s download is free. These transactions not always require introducing the credit card information, as they may be executed from an already existing associated account (such as an iTunes account). If you, as a parent, are worried about this function, you may deactivate the option of making transactions within a game by selecting the properties tab of the Webpage/App and following the steps necessary to do so.

We ask that users between the ages of 13 and 18 obtain permission from their parents before registering on our platform or providing Personal data.

9.- Changes

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy without prior notice, in which case the modifications shall be published in the «Privacy» section of our Webpages/Apps, including the date on which the changes shall take effect in the upper part of the same. Therefore, please review our privacy policy periodically in order to be aware of its changes. The continued use of our Webpages/Apps after said changes constitute confirmation of their acceptance; in the contrary case, we ask you not to use our Webpages/Apps and for you to duly notify us.

 10.- Safety of Webpages/Apps

Providing personal information to us is under your responsibility. We and/or our partners have implemented physical, electronic and management procedures to keep safe and avoid unauthorised access to these data, guarantee their protection and use the gathered information from our Webpages/Apps in a correct way. We take, or require that associated parties take, the necessary precautions to avoid the loss, inadequate use, unauthorised publication, alteration and destruction of the information gathered from our users. Nevertheless, remember that the safety of information transferred online or through other wireless networks can never be completely guaranteed. As a result, despite our efforts to protect the data, we cannot ensure or guarantee the safety of the information transferred to or by us by email or other means; and it is you who are responsible for this risk.

When we have the support of third parties to process the Personal or credit data of users, we take necessary measures for them to comply with our privacy policy, and for them to protect the information provided.

If security procedures with regard to your credit card are not complied with on our Webpages/Apps, we shall immediately inform you and shall take the logical steps to resolve the problem.

If you suspect that your data are being inadequately used by us or by third parties, please let us know as soon as possible by email at:

If you decide to open an account with use, you should not share your access information with anyone.

11.- Legal notice

Our Webpages/Apps operate in function of the state in which they are, and thus we cannot be responsible or guarantee that they are always available or that no interruptions or errors take place when using them. We do not take responsibility for the way you access them, nor any other measures outside of our control. Our privacy policy is governed by the law of California, excluding the provisions on the choice of jurisdiction.

12.- Curriculums Clause

In conformity with Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of [Personal] Data and its implementing regulations, we inform you that your personal data will be included in the CURRICULUMS file under the responsibility of KITMAKER ENTERTAINMENT, S.A. in order to manage the human resources of the company and cover vacancies when necessary. You may exercise your rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose in writing to the following address: KITMAKER ENTERTAINMENT, S.A., Edificio Lleret. Planta Baja. Bloque D, Parc Bit 07021, Palma(IB), SPAIN.

If you have any doubts regarding our privacy policy, please do contact us: